Our Practice

What Makes Us Different?

Here are some of the reasons why Landau & Associates is different from most law firms:

Custom Case Reporting System

To further our communication and service we have created a custom reporting system which allows our clients to understand the stage that each case we are handling for them is in.


The attorneys at Landau & Associates will actively litigate all cases on behalf of our clients throughout Florida.  We are aggressive and plan to go to litigate every case for our clients that hire us.


We understand how important it is that we communicate what is going on with your cases.  This is the money that ultimately runs your business and you deserve to be kept well informed as to its status.

Customer Service

The number one complaint that people have with lawyers is that they never respond.  At Landau & Associates, we promise to take your call, when you call.  Email service available 24 hours a day.